How Can I Sell My House Fast In Atlanta?

And the three types of homeowners who can benefit from the current market

How Can I Sell My House Fast In Atlanta - House Buyers

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Hey, Atlanta. This is Brandon Dale with House Buyers. I am here in Dunwoody right now, which is just outside of Atlanta. This is one of our current projects; a full renovation for this property.

I’ve got a few things on my mind today that I really wanted to share. This video is specifically for people who are saying one of two things to themselves right now during this coronavirus pandemic. Number one, how can I sell my house fast in Atlanta? Or, how can I get cash from my house in Atlanta?

The short answer for both, it depends on the situation. For some right now, it’s a great time to sell your house in Atlanta or anywhere. Really great. There are cash buyers in Atlanta that will purchase homes in any condition. That certainly includes my company.

Keep in mind, there’s no sports on TV right now. When my kids go to bed, I’m not really watching Tiger King. I’m reading real estate trends and a lot of nerdy related stuff.

I want to look at who could benefit from selling a house fast in Atlanta during this coronavirus pandemic. I’m going to highlight three different homeowner scenarios that I believe could and potentially should sell now.

The first scenario is those that have a need with their house for a lot of repairs. This could include broken systems like HVAC, or plumbing, or electrical, or just may need major renovations like the house you see behind me. Could also include fire, mold, or water damage.

If you have the money, or desire, or time to make those repairs, great. I strongly suggest you go that route. But if you don’t, now is an excellent time to sell your house to a direct home buyer.

Why? Here’s the deal. Inventory is super low right now for real estate investors and landlords like myself. Once we return to normal, inventory is likely to get very high very quickly, creating more competition for direct buyers to choose from.

The second homeowner scenario is basically those that need or want to sell their house fast. Whether you inherited a house, whether you’re going through a major life change, like a big move or a divorce, or maybe you just need cash for something else.

Why is this a good time to sell? Well, a lot of the same reasons I stated earlier. Inventory is super low right now. So are interest rates actually, which is important for us because when we renovate a house, we need it to be able to sell to somebody.

The third scenario I want to highlight are basically those that don’t want to deal with showings, have a lot of strange people in their house. Nowadays, that’s pretty much everybody. Direct home buyers like us are really good at buying properties virtually.

We use advanced technology, we use local knowledge, and that’s basically how we’re making offers these days. It can be done. We’ve gotten really good at it. Basically, no appointments necessary.

Unlike Opendoor, and Offerpad, and Zillow, and those billion dollar companies that were doing all of just a few months ago, they’ve now bailed and they’ve left a lot of people with canceled contracts. Unlike them, we’re not going anywhere. We’re local. Atlanta is our city. It’s what we know and it’s what we love very much.

Now, I always implore you to look at all options to sell your house. I believe you have really three main ones. You can list with an agent, you can do a for sale by owner, or you can sell to a direct home buyer like us. We’re not going to be the best fit for everybody. If we feel that way, we’re going to tell you.

I laid out three different scenarios for people who could benefit from selling to a direct home buyer. The first, those with lots of needed repairs, they don’t want to make them. Number two, those that need to sell fast. Number three, those who just don’t want to deal with a lot of people in their house right now.

If any one of those scenarios fits you, your next question to me would probably be, “Well, how does it work?” Here’s how I’d answer you.

The first thing we would do is we would have a discussion on your situation. I want to us to get to know you as much as possible because then we can basically find ways to help you that you may not have even known existed.

It also tells us if we’re going to be a good fit for you, which is super important to us. We want to show you that we’re real people and we have feelings and families. We understand the magnitude of this process for you. If we’re a good fit, then all we need is some general details about your house.

From there, then we go into what I call the “magic lab” and we look at local comparables, and neighborhood trends, and estimated repair costs.

I want to peel the curtain back a little bit more. Basically, what we do is we look at the nicest home in your area, similar in size, and then we determine what it would cost us to do the same thing to your house. That’s how we base the offer on.

No appointment needed to see the inside of your house to make the offer. Yeah, listen, we survive as a company on buying at a discounted price, but not nearly as much as you think based on the way that we do things, which I think is kind of unique.

If anything I’ve said so far has resonated with you, click the link below to get a no obligation, all cash offer on your house, anywhere in metro Atlanta. You really have nothing to lose.

Listen, if online forms aren’t your thing, call me personally at (404) 948-6980. It’s super easy.

I look forward to talking to you. I want you all to stay safe. Whatever you decide, we wish you the best. Take care.

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