Shira Perez | Chief Problem Solver

Family. This one word sums up Shira’s past, present, and almost certainly her future. Growing up in a large family in Israel helped shape her personality, toughness and general desires to be around and help people. She credits her parents for the values and critical thinking skills they instilled in her from a very young age.

Following high school, Shira joined the military, whom she credits with further sharpening her mind and body. Armed with new skill sets and lots of ambition, she moved to California to figure out her career path. READ MORE…..

Brandon Dale | The Strategist

After graduating from the University of Florida, Brandon started his career in the hospitality industry, becoming the youngest General Manager of a well-known national restaurant chain. That’s where he first learned the critical importance of customer service. And a great dishwasher.

From there, he entered the real estate industry. The next eight years, he led an international team in building the largest North American luxury real estate fund, with a portfolio valued at more than $60M and and homes scattered throughout the U.S., Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. READ MORE…..

Udi Perez | The Fixer

Coming Soon!

Individual Commitment To A Group Effort – That Is What Makes

A Team Work, A Company Work, A Society Work, A Civilization Work.


Junica Anna Ayes | Operations Support

Based in the Philippines, Junica manages a team of support professionals who are highly skilled in real estate-related operational activities. Her success can be attributed to being very detail-oriented and promoting excellent communication throughout her team. Her biggest source of pride is the working environment she has created – complete with trust, respect and care for everyone involved.

Gigi Rasco | Acquisitions Support

Also based in the Philippines, Gigi has extensive experience in the real estate industry, as well as support services across various fields. She is highly motivated to provide excellent customer service and solve problems for people whenever she can. Gigi lives each day by her favorite quote from C.S. Lewis – Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Picture Day Is Never Easy

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